Sunday, December 26, 2010

1900-30s U.S. Department of Agriculture Washington D.C.

Map of downtown Washington, D.C., 1920, showing buildings and properties occupied by USDA.

Administrative Building of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

"The old red brick Administration Building of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, erected in 1868 at a cost of $140,420, and torn down in 1930." Caption on back of photograph from USDA Office of Information Press Service, photo no. 328-C.

Fig. 2. Staff of the Bureau of Plant Industry in front of the USDA building, ca. 1900's. Flora Wambaugh Patterson is seated in the front row on the left. Beverly Galloway is standing to the right of the stairs. Courtesy of the National Archives. Frederick V. Coville is leaning on the railing at the top of the stairway on the right.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Building circa 1930

A view from the Washington Monument in the mid-1920s, showing USDA greenhouses on the Mall, in the foreground. This site on Constitution Avenue is now the location of the National Museum of American History. The Old Post Office Building is in the center, and Union Station is in the upper right. USDA History Collection has a copy print of this photograph; original is in the National Archives, NARA no. 16-G-324-2-4922-C.

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