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1911 January --C.L. Shear used as reference in letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture offering Whitesbog for further Blueberry Culture Studies.

Cornelius Lott Shear, Assistant Pathologist from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry was well known to the members of the American Cranberry Growers Association.

   The Association through the New Jersey Agriculture Board and N.J. Experiment Station lobbied the Dept. of Agriculture to assign a specialist to New Jersey to address the problems growers were having with cranberry diseases. In 1901 C.L. Shear was assigned to this task. 

A History of C. L. Shear’s association with the cranberry growers of New Jersey and his professional accomplishments.

1901, Hired to work at the Bureau of Plant Industry

1901, Assigned to work in New Jersey with the State Agriculture board and the Cranberry Growers Association on the cranberry disease called Scald.
1902-04 Vice President of Washington Biologist Field Club

1903, Credited in Agriculture Yearbook with proving that Scald is caused by fungi.

1905, January 25,—reported to American Cranberry Growers Association at their 35th Annual meeting on spraying bogs to reduce cranberry disease at Bunker Hill Bog near Whitesville, N.J..

1907, January 29,–Reported to American Cranberry Growers Association at their 37th Annual meeting on spraying apparatus and on formulating the Bordeaux Mixture.

1907, Cranberry Disease published, Bureau of Plant Industry, Bulletin No 110. In the Bulletin J.J. White is recognized by C.L. Shear as the first grower to report on Cranberry Disease.

1908, Elected President of Botanical Society of American succeding B.T. Galloway 1901 and F.V.Coville 1902 who also worked for the Bureau of Plant Industry.

1908, December 30, organized a meeting of pathologists that led to the formation of The American Phytopathological Society in 1909

1909, August 28,at the American Cranberry Growers Association 40th Annual meeting Prof. Shear was introduced by A.J. Rider, Secretary, who said “The next speaker to whom I shall introduce you, really neeeds no introduction. With his work of the last five years every cranberry grower is, or should be familiar.”
C.L. Shear responded by saying  “Concerning the work that has been accomplshed with your help and co-operation I believe that one of the results in the future will show, will be placing on the market a superior fruit and of better quality.”

1910, “as I had the pleasure of showing him and two of his assistants around over a portion of our bogs last fall.” Elizabeth C. White  January 11, 1911

1911 January 11, referred to in Elizabeth C. White’s letter, authorizing the Dept. of Agriculture “the use of this land (Whitesbog)for further experiments in blueberry culture

1911, January 24th, Reported to American Cranberry Growers Association at their 41st Annual meeting that careful tests had been made as to the spreading and adhesive qualities of Resin and Sulphate of Iron.

1912 Mission Statements for the Bureau of Plant Industry and Fruit-Disease Investigations
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   List of Workers in Subjects Pertaining to Agriculture and Home Economics

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