Friday, January 8, 2010

Taming the Wild Blueberry

1918 Extension Service news and Farm Bureau news, Volumes 1-4
By New York State College of Agriculture. Extension Dept
Blueberries Grow As Big As Grapes

1919 The American botanist, Volumes 25-26
Blueberry Plants Wanted

1919 County agent's magazine, Volumes 7-8
Blueberry Plants Wanted

1919 Gardeners' chronicle of America, Volume 23
By National Association of Gardeners, American Association of Park Superintendents, American Rock Garden Society
Reward for Specially Fine Blueberry Plants

1919 Science, Volume 50
By American Association for the Advancement of Science
E.C. White Offering $50 for select blueberry bushes

1920 Proceedings of the ... meetings of the American Pomological ..., Volumes 36-37 By American Pomological Society
E. C. White Development of the Cultivated Blueberry

1921 Popular mechanics magazine: written so you can ..., Volume 37, Issues 1-6

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