Sunday, January 10, 2010


1930 May Popular Mechanics Weevil

1929 C.S. Beckwith---- The Blossom Worm a Cranberry Pest
The Review of applied entomology: Agricultural, Volume 18
1924 George M. Darrow ----Establishing Cranberry Fields
Farmers' bulletin, Volumes 51-75
By United States. Dept. of Agriculture

1921 C.S. Beckwith---- The Effects of Fertilizer Treatments on Savannah Cranberry Land
Soil science, Volume 12
By Rutgers University

1919 ------Popular mechanics magazine: written so you can ..., Volume 32, Issues 1-6

1915 Walter OKane Injurious insects: how to recognize and control them
1914 Mark Vernon Slingerland, Cyrus Richard Crosby----- Manual of fruit insects

1914 Granville Lowther, William Worthington-- The encyclopedia of practical horticulture: a reference system of ..., Volume 2

1914 The Cranberry -Toadbug
New York Deptment of Agriculture Annual report, Volume 3

1907 C.B. Hardenberg The Cranberry Insects of Wisconsin
Annual report of the Agricultural experiment Station of the ..., Issues 144-168
By University of Wisconsin--Madison. Agricultural Experiment Station

1900 Cranberry Insects
Report of the Entomological Department of the New Jersey Agricultural ...
By New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station. Dept of Entomology
1894 Frank W. Sempers Injurious insects and the use of insecticides: A new descriptive manual on ...Cranberries

1893 Documents of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey, Volume 117, Part 4
By New Jersey Legislature
1892 Cranberry Insects Annual report of the New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment ..., Volume 13
By New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations

1892 William Saunders---- Insects injurious to fruits

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