Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Elizabeth C. White Collection

Wikipedia ------- Elizabeth Colman White

Suningive Home and Garden

Past and promise: lives of New Jersey women By Joan N. Burstyn, Women's Project of New Jersey Elizabeth C. White

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Elizabeth Colman White

The Mighty Humble Blueberry

1990---- Better Than Our Best: Women of Valor in American History E. C. White By Arlene Ferman, Helene Svihra, Grace A. Aqualina

1914--- Cranberries and Colony Contributions; or the Appeal or the Appeal of a Colony to a Dweller in the Pines.--- E.C. White
Proceedings of the New Jersey Conference of Charities and CorrectionsBy New Jersey State Conference of Social Work, New Jersey State Conference of Charities and Corrections

1914 Volume II – E.C. White ---Cranberry Picking In New Jersey

1916---- Blueberry Culture --- E. C. White, New Lisbon NJ
Proceedings of the annual meeting, Issue 22 By National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education (U.S.)

1920 --- Development of the Cultivated Blueberry---- E.C.White
Proceedings of the ... meetings of the American Pomological ..., Volumes 36-37 By American Pomological Society

1920 A New Hybrid The Katharine Blueberry
The Journal of heredity, Volume 11 By American Genetic Association

1921---- Creating A New Fruit Leonard Barron, Garden & home builder, Volume 32

1921 Gleanings in bee culture, Volume 49
F.V. Coville visits Mr. Sapps blueberry fields

1920s -- Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association

1932 Migrants as a Social and Education Problem in New Jersey

1937 ---Taming Blueberries Radio Garden Club--- E.C. White

1937 April Blueberry Fruit Fly in New Jersey E.C. White

1939 February Elizabeth C. White

1940 Birthday Party for Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, E.C. White cuts the cake.


Blueberry Culture

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