Thursday, December 31, 2009

Joseph J. White

1910 Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey
edited by Francis Bazley Lee White Family Geneology -- JJ White

At the age of 32 Joseph J. White became the General Manager of this franchise located on 925 MARKET ST Philadelphia, PA in 1890
Smithville Star News
H.S.Smith The Iron Grave
Mary White’s father Col Fenwick and brother.

1874 House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents
By United States Congress House J.J. White

Joseph J. White's Library
1870 J.J. White Cranberry Culture

1907 J.J. White Cranberry Culture

1912 Insect pests of farm, garden and orchard By Dwight Sanderson, Leonard Marion Peairs ****This book is in the White Library
1917 Aristocrats of the garden By Ernest Henry Wilson *****This book is in the White Library


1873 Memoir of Josiah White: Showing his connection with the introduction and use ... By Richard Richardson
1878 Extracts from the minutes of a convention of delegates from the Seven yearly ... By Society of Friends
1883 The American naturalist, Volume 17
1886 The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, Volume 10
By Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1886 The Friends and the Indians: Report of Barclay White; exhibiting the ...
By Barclay White
1908 Good housekeeping, Volume 47
1909 Josiah White's history
1913 Ancestry of John Barber White and his descendants
By Almira Larkin White
1946 Josiah White: Prince of Pioneers By Eleanor Morton

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