Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charles S. Beckwith, Director of Cranberry Substation

1943 February Cranberry Separators C.S.Beckwith February
1942 March, Sanding Experiment

1942 December, Sanding Experiment
1938 July, The False Yellowhead, C.S. Beckwith
1931 The Cranberry Growers Interest In Birds (pg 4 C.S. Beckwith comments)

1929 C.S. Beckwith---- The Blossom Worm a Cranberry Pest
The Review of applied entomology: Agricultural, Volume 18

1922 C.S. Beckwith----- A Survey of the Cranberry Industry of New Jersey
Circular, Issues 34-52 New Jersey. Dept. of Agriculture, New Jersey Crop Reporting Service, United States. Dept. of Agriculture

1922 C.S. Beckwith ----Cranberry Growing in New Jersey
Circular, Issues 141-169 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

1921 C.S. Beckwith---- The Effects of Fertilizer Treatments on Savannah Cranberry Land Soil science, Volume 12 Rutgers University

1920 C.S. Beckwith----The Effect of Fertilizers on Blueberries

1920 Entomologist's Report pg 415 / Cranberry Investigations pg 493
1919 Enomologist's Report pg 375 / Cranberry Investigations pg 447
1914, 1915, 1916 ,1918 pg 201, 1919 Entomologist's Report Cranberry Investigation pg 447

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