Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1910 November 15 -- Experiments In Blueberry Culture

" It was November 15, 1910, that the Bureau of Plant Industry of the United States of Agriculture issued Bulletin No 193. Its heading announces B.T. Galloway as Chief of the Bureau. The letter of transmittal to the Honorable James Wilson, then the Secretary of Agriculture, was written by William A. Taylor Acting Chief of the Bureau.

This Bulletin carried the title "Experiments in Blueberry Culture", written by Frederick V. Coville, Botanist in charge of Taxonomic and Range Investigations."

"Very soon after it was issued a copy of "Experiments In Blueberry Culture was in my hands."

Elizabeth C. White
May 1936

"It proved to be a considerable book of 100 pages, discussing broadly the principals governing the growth of blueberries in common with cranberries and allied plants which differ so widely from the principals governing the growth of most agricultural plants.
To me it was most fascinating reading, for never before had I known that the soil of our bogs was acid, as was the water of our streams, that it was this which made our bog water browns, as in acid water the humus is held in solution, while in alkaline waters it is deposited and the water becomes white. Never before had I known that associated with the roots of blueberry, cranberry and most other plants which grow in acid soils is a symbiotic fungus which, in some still unexplained way, assists these plants in obtaining the nitrogen necessary for their growth."
Elizabeth C. White’s 1916 address to the 42nd Annual NJ State Horticulture Society

Click here to read the Bulletin No. 193

Beverly T. Galloway

Fig. 2. Staff of the Bureau of Plant Industry in front of the USDA building, ca. 1900's. Flora Wambaugh Patterson is seated in the front row on the left. Beverly Galloway is standing to the right of the stairs. Courtesy of the National Archives.


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