Sunday, January 30, 2011

1911 January 30 -- Famous Botanist may visit White's bog to investigate possible Blueberry Culture at location.

Professional and Personal History

1911 44th Birthday March 23.

1905 A Report on Systems of Leasing Large Areas of Grazing Land

1904 President of Botanical Society of America

1903 The twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Cosmos club

1900 Contributing Member of the Washington Academy of Science

1900     Theta Delta Chi fraternity
                     Is F.V. Coville in the picture?    

1893 Honorary Curator of the U.S. Herbarium

1890 Married Elizabeth Harwood Boynton

1887 Mr. F.V. Coville was one of the volunteers during the summer of 1887. His work was done chiefly in Independence County.  His work was unfortunately interrupted by illness in his family, and he was obliged to return home before he finished preparing his list of the plants found in Arkansas.

1887-88  Instructor in Botany,Cornell University  

1887 Graduates from Cornell University with A.B. in Botany 

1899 Cornell University -What it was like when F.V.Coville studied their.

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